47101 - Lewa Collection

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47101 - Lewa Collection

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  • $3,162

Origin: Afghanistan

Material: Afghan wool on cotton warp & weft foundation

Size: 151 X 197 cm

Age: New Production

Approx Pile Thickness: 7 mm

Construction: Handknotted

The Lewa rug collection is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern styles, showcasing the rich heritage of Afghan tribal culture. Each rug is handknotted using premium quality wool by skilled artisans in Afghanistan, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality.

The collection draws inspiration from the traditional Baluchi tribal rugs of Afghanistan, but incorporates modern design elements to create a fresh and contemporary look. The designs feature geometric shapes, bold colours, and intricate patterns that reflect the vibrant spirit of the Afghan people.

The name of the collection, Lewa, is inspired by the traditional Afghan folklore dance. Just as the dance is a celebration of life and culture, the Lewa rugs are a tribute to the beauty and artistry of Afghan craftsmanship.

The wool used in the Lewa rug collection is sourced from mountain sheep, which is renowned for its softness and durability. The natural dyes used to colour the wool are also locally sourced and produce a rich, vibrant palette of colours.

Each rug in the Lewa collection is a true work of art, with every knot and stitch representing the skill and dedication of the Afghan artisans who create them. These beautiful rugs are not only a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan but also a stunning addition to any modern home.

Vacuuming regularly is just one step in preserving the look and feel of your rug. Avoid the temptation to pull any loose threads! Instead, carefully trim them with a good pair of scissors. Be sure to treat any spills with a clean, white cloth. Another important step preventing uneven wear and discoloration is to rotate the rug every few months. This is a great way to prevent distortion from foot traffic and sun rays. Having your rugs cleaned professionally will ensure that all harmful bacteria and other harmful particles are eradicated.

Kindly refer to our Maintenance Guide for further carpet care instructions.

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