How To Design Your Customised Rugs

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How To Design Your Customised Rugs

The riveting beauty of a Persian rug is indescribable. Traditional artisans put a lot of effort and time into creating a masterpiece that was once highly sought after by kings and rich tradesmen who traversed the Silk Road. Centuries ago, Persia slowly worked its magic on the rug weaving industry and still remains home to such an incredible art form. 

While great interiors are never truly complete without a beautiful rug spread, you’ll find the perfect one at Hassan’s Carpet. We have an impressive assortment of Persian rugs stocked in every size and style, so you’ll have no issue finding the one perfectly customised just for you. Designing both contemporary and traditional pieces is possible if you let your creativity flow. Excited already? Discover how you can create your own unique, quality canvas rugs with us all while keeping in touch with today’s interior design trends. 

Decide on budget

A handmade carpet is a highly decorative item involving ancient and well-treasured techniques and therefore not cheap. However, as many would agree, it is a worthwhile investment. Warranted with outstanding durability, carpets like the Persian variety will claim your attention and encourage you to put some thought into how much you are willing to spend. The more intense the patterns and colour choice, the more the price card will show. 

Consider space and placement

Not every home is the same.They come in all shapes and sizes, and there will be times when the rug you really want does not fit a ‘traditional size’. Hence the next thing to decide on is where you want to place it and what particular spaces or furniture pieces (like the sofa and coffee table) you want it to cover? For this, you will need to measure in square feet and finalise the size. Measuring is quite simple if you have all the furniture arranged accordingly. With your personal touch, the end result will be well deserving. 

Choose a material to go with the design

An important design component is your choice of material. Undoubtedly, Persian rugs introduce the finest of pure and natural materials in their work: wool, natural silk and cotton. While cotton is used to warp (seen as the vertical strands running up and down a rug) and weft (to keep the knots in place), the extremely soft yet durable wool goes in conjunction with silk when weaving. Silk has an advantage of being stronger and finer than other materials and the use of silk determines the overall worthiness of the rug as with the thickness which is another feature to identify quality. 

Pick a colour palette

Persian carpets represent a range of colours that contain natural dyes with profound significance. For instance, red symbolises joy and courage and is found mostly in antique rugs like the Heriz style carpets that originated from Northwest Persia. On the other hand, green implies prosperity and fresh growth which is usually found in Qum rugs patched with leafy, curvilinear and floral motifs. 

If you have trouble with picking the right colour for the carpet to complement your home, think about going through a curated selection in the colour catalog. Often, many carpet stores selling quality canvas rugs recommend choosing a theme: cool, warm or pastel/neutral. If your walls are painted in warmer shades, stick to a carpet that includes a wide spectrum of earthy tones to match. The ever-popular cream, beige and sandstone shades are ideal. Since current homeowners prefer a fusion of cool and warm walls, greige-coloured carpets will offer that perfect touch without overwhelming the space. Whatever your colour choice, make sure to add depth and character to your carpet enough to cozy up a room.

Design your own quality canvas rug with Hassan’s Carpet

Work together with our expert design team to finalise your bespoke rug artwork using colourful threads and textures. At Hassan’s Carpet, each creative piece undergoes the unique 7 step customisation process where we help you choose and design your rug effortlessly, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Be sure to take a look at our exciting new collection of the most exquisite hand woven Persian carpets on our website.