Stylish Ways To Use Modern Carpets in Your Home

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Stylish Ways To Use Modern Carpets in Your Home

While carpets are both extremely functional and symbolic, the feeling of having a thick, velvety soft carpet under your feet at the end of a tiring day is unbeatable. The modern carpet with its level of decoration and complexity, adds a lavish touch without compromising on quality. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of textures, colours and fibres to create a relaxed vibe and an upscale feel.

Carpets also improve a room’s ambiance, paving the way for calmer spaces. To get ahead with your bespoke carpet choices, our quick guide below includes the latest carpet trends covering patterns, textures and materials that will inspire you to cherish an investment for a lifetime.

Experiment with contemporary colours and patterns

A tremendous amount of effort and thought goes into creating unique works of art like a beautiful Persian carpet, and each one reflects the heart and soul of a fine quality hand-knotted weave. However, by providing a variety of finishes, traditional weavers have come to modernise the rug to fit the needs of a contemporary homeowner.

Today, painterly rugs are becoming increasingly popular on floors and even walls. These abstract textural designs also lend their elements to make the carpet the focal point of a room if executed correctly. For maximum impact, you can choose carpets with a spectrum of colour palettes, like the modern classics from our Ghazni collection, made with the finest handspun wool.

Make a statement with natural materials

If you want to ensure that your modern carpet can blend gracefully into the space, handmade carpets made from non-synthetic materials should be ideal. After all, the fibres play a crucial role in improving the feel, performance, and longevity of the carpet. Persian carpets demand careful consideration and look into getting the most reliable source to produce a fine piece of interior design. The skill and craftsmanship owe it to the consistent use of durable, high-quality wool from herds of goats and sheep. In order to preserve the art of carpet-making that existed and developed throughout centuries, a wool-silk blend is implemented.

Complement it with a rich wall colour

Since most Persian rugs include dark bold hues like red and maroon it is common to find them intimidating to work with wall colours that are white or muted. However, you can still create a peaceful, cozy space by using rich colours on your walls if you enjoy bringing intense colours and personality into it. Synchronising floor and wall colours will easily pull in a luxurious look without overpowering the atmosphere as a whole. Remember, going bold is all about balance rather than inconsistent and frigid spaces. 

Get to know the latest carpet trends with Hassan’s Carpets

With the addition of a great modern carpet, your space should feel welcoming and perfect. If you are in the market for a new rug, browse through our ornate collection of Persian carpets that not only promise a distinctive presence in your home but stand out against any style of flooring, be it hardwood or marble.