Persian Nain - 44930

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44930 - Superfine Persian Nain

Traditional Classics
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Nain, Central Iran

Fine Wool and Silk Highlights on Cotton Warp and Weft Foundation

217 x 300 cm

Recent Production

Natural Dyes

Nain is a small city located in central Iran that has relatively recently become a renowned center for carpet weaving. Production only began in the 1930’s, but Nain rapidly achieved prominence and high reputation for its production of remarkably fine classical rugs, where materials as well as workmanship are of the highest class. Style and design of Nains are heavily influenced by the Isfahan weavers, but they are easily distinguishable by their unique colour palette. Nain rugs have since become almost legendary for their exceptional fineness and superb construction.

One of the most famous workshops in Nain was founded by the visionary master weaver Habibian, who is widely regarded as 'the father of Nain rugs'. His craftsmanship and artistic vision almost single handedly shaped the face of Nain carpets as we know them today. Habibian was responsible for the design and weaving of some of the world's finest Nains. Till today, beautiful carpets of the highest craftsmanship continue to emerge out of his original workshop under a very strict supervision of the master’s progeny.

This signed Habibian Nain, is an extremely well-made masterpiece with a high knot density. An incredible example of exemplary carpet making, where complexity and skill are evident in every aspect. The refined craftsmanship results in a very clear and crisp definition of the exquisite medallion design, featuring a beautiful intricate burgundy field surrounded by elegant framing spandrels.

This Persian Nain is a true testament to the craftsmanship of the area and the historical Habibian workshop.

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