Persian Tabriz Mahi - 45062

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45062 - Superfine Persian Tabriz Mahi

Traditional Classics
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Tabriz, Central Iran

343 X 256 cm

Kurk Wool and Silk Highlights on Cotton Warp and Weft Foundation

Natural Dyes

Circa 2000


As one of the oldest carpet-making cities in Iran, Tabriz has always been a major producer of very fine Persian rugs for many centuries. Tabriz rugs are known for its diverse array of floral and geometric carpet designs. Given its diversity it is impossible to single out one distinct Tabriz design, but what they all have in common is a masterful level of craftsmanship that allows them to create a level of intricacy and detail that is truly spectacular. 

The Persian Mahi rug is one of the classic patterns produced by the masterful carpet weavers in Tabriz. Said to originate in the Herat district of Afghanistan, the so-called Herati or Mahi pattern refers to the elegant motif known as 'fish in the pond'. The centuries old Mahi design is made up of rosettes framed by a vine scroll rhombus and arching saz leaves that often resemble jumping fish. The  symmetry of the Mahi motif allows it to be combine seamless in a kaleidoscopic all-over pattern. This Tabriz Mahi, is also embellished with a unique bird detail to both ends of the pendants framing the medallion.

Knotted using fine kurk wool with silk accents in extremely high knot density of 50 raj (appox 350-375 kpsi) adds an extra level of beauty to the elegant Mahi design. A true testament to the brilliant carpet workmanship of Tabriz. 

Kindly refer to our Maintenance Guide for carpet care instructions. 

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