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With over four generations of knowledge and expertise,
Hassan’s Carpets has built its name on the foundation of trust & quality.

Synonymous for luxury woven objets d’art, Hassan’s Carpets is reputed to be one of Singapore’s most prestigious carpet galleries. We share a collective pride in sourcing and producing only the finest quality handwoven art in the world. With years of knowledge and experience, we have cultivated a discerning eye to discover rare and exceptional pieces from the South and Central Asia Rug Belt, including Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and the Turkoman & Caucasus regions. Our thoughtfully curated rug collection runs the gamut from timeless antiques to artistically disruptive modern designs.

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Integrity and quality are the
pillars of our business philosophy

We have stood by our guiding principles to source and create exclusive handmade rugs of the highest standards, and to cultivate trustworthy experiences through a personalized service.

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Masterful Craftsmanship
& Superior Materials

We have stood by our guiding principles to source and create
exclusive handmade rugs of the highest standards, and to cultivate
trustworthy experiences through personalized service.


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The company’s reputation as the premier carpet gallery can be attributed to its commitment to the craft and quality. Adhering to a meticulous production and acquisition process, pieces are individually handpicked by our company’s owners from major weaving houses globally, preserving a collection of discerning and distinctive quality. Our own designs are brought to life in our own weaving-houses in Pakistan and India. Utmost care is taken to ensure the ethical treatment of craftsmen in our weaving centres, and those from which we source from.

Our History

Established in the 1930s, Hassan's Carpets is the undisputed pioneer of the oriental carpet industry in Singapore.
Our four-generation family company has grown to become the reputed gallery of handmade rugs to the most
discerning & privileged throughout Asia, and the world.  

A Trusted Brand For Over 90 Years

The fascinating history of Hassan’s Carpets dates back to the early 1900’s when Mr. Khawaja Abdul Hamid, a descendant of a long line of carpet merchants, left Kashmir in the search for greener pastures. His travels ultimately led him to Singapore. In the early 1930’s, he established the first oriental carpet showroom in Singapore along Orchard Road. Aware of the intrigue and uncertainty associated with the whole business of carpet buying, Mr. Abdul Hamid stood by the family business principle:


“the genuine identity of every piece in our rug collection

is unconditionally guaranteed”


This remains the essential working philosophy that is followed earnestly by the family-owned company.


Today Hassan’s Carpets collection is one of the largest in the Far East, only producing and acquiring genuinely hand-knotted pieces of distinctive calibre, even boasting museum-worthy and rug collector antiques. The firm’s solid reputation in the region sets an excellent foundation for the next generation of the Hassan family to take the reins and expand the business further to  maintain their leading position in the carpet industry.


Our Director

Mr. Suliman Hamid is a connoisseur of carpets who has been in the carpet trade since the 1970s. Coming from a family of carpet merchants spanning over 100 years, Mr. Suliman has been successfully running a 4-generation carpet business, Hassan's Carpets, for the last 50 years in Singapore. Not only does he possess vast knowledge about the history and intricacies of carpet weaving, he has acquired a personal collection of museum-worthy rugs and textiles that he houses at the gallery.